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One of my favourite pastimes has always been painting. I particularly enjoy painting pottery at DIY cafes/studios up and down the country. In 2016 I painted a navy stag with white patterns etched out. After feedback from family and friends I made the decision to develop my design further. I combined techniques of watercolour painting, hand sketching and digital illustration to create my original four designs; the stag, the fox, the rabbit and the field-mouse.

To move my designs forward I searched for a manufacturer. I found a family run business in the heart of Stoke on Trent who agreed to produce prototypes of my designs. After receiving those first four fine china plates I became hooked on designing and creating high quality products. Sophie Alice ( launched in October 2017 and is now home to 16 unique products, with many more to come.

As well as running Sophie Alice I also enjoy creating bespoke personalised products wherever possible. I enjoy doing pretty much anything creative. I studied Product Design at University but also enjoy graphic design, computer aided illustration, drawing and painting. I enjoy a challenge, so if you have an idea that you can't find anywhere send me a message! I like to make anything I create as personal to you as possible. The more information you give me the more unique your creation will be.

If you would like to support and follow my progress, please visit the shop and follow me on social media.

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